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Aerial Acroflow Yoga

  • 34 ευρώ
  • Leoforos Vasileos Pavlou

Περιγραφή υπηρεσίας

Aerial Acroflow Yoga is an alternative form of exercise that combines impressive acts with muscle strength. It is ideal for those who wish to workout outside the limited options of a gym and depending on the level or the result someone desires.It combines muscle strength, flexibility and endurance with extraordinary results, since it is conducted in the air. It differs from conventional sports and it offers serenity and relief. Aerial Acroflow mainly strengthens the core, but it also improves our grip and dorsal muscle strength and shoulder area flexibility. Last but not least, some of our leg muscles that are usually neglected in a conventional workout, such as hip muscles, abductors and adductors, are activated in such a manner that any lumbar, knee or calf pain, is relieved.

Προσεχείς συνεδρίες

Πολιτική Ακύρωσης

Any booked/prepaid session cancelled the latest 01hrs before the class it will be considered as practised.

Στοιχεία επικοινωνίας

  • Vasanta Yoga, Leoforos Vasileos Pavlou, Voula, Greece

    + 21 0899 2533

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