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Τετ 04 Δεκ


Vasanta Yoga Studio

Tai Chi trial

Tai Ji Quan open lesson

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Tai Chi trial
Tai Chi trial

΄'Ωρα & Τοποθεσία

04 Δεκ 2019, 7:40 π.μ. – 9:00 π.μ.

Vasanta Yoga Studio, Λεωφόρος Βασιλέως Παύλου 105, Voula, Greece

Σχετικά με την εκδήλωση

Tai Chi is a traditional chineze body art. Its root go back way beyond the legends, but some of its current practised forms originate in a small village of central China into a family which creates this art over the last 400 years. 

The ancient TaiChi style named after this family, Chen, will be instructed by Mrs. Irini Lira. 

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