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Evi is a certified teacher, with over 1200 hours of educational programs in Greece and abroad. She teaches courses in Anatomy, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation.


Her guidance draws attention to the anatomical straightness of each practitioner, with respect to their musculoskeletal uniqueness, their energy alignment and their psychological connection with the present moment and the miracle of life: their Breath!


"Yoga is not just a practice of spiritual development, it is a dynamic state of consciousness. It is my present in connection with the All."


She will be with us every day with the classes: Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Pilates, Yin and Yoga Nidra.


Ntiana is a teacher specializing in Aerial Yoga.

Her path in sports / championships has started from a very young age, with several distinctions in Instrumental Gymnastics.


With over 10 years of experience in Aerial Yoga - Acrobatic, she has traveled to new horizons and technical skills, which guided her through the development of body and mind.

"Having discovered the magical world of aerial yoga, I created my own style of exercises that I call

~Aerial Acroflow Yoga~. This unique style combines the enjoyment of aerial yoga with acroflow choreography, offering an experience full of flow and freedom."

She will be with us on the last Sunday of every month with a two-hour Aerial Acroflow Yoga seminar, for anyone who wants an exciting way to discover the potential of their body, through movement and air, "taking off" like this his practice!


Vivian is a professional dancer (she completed her studies at the Niki Kontaxakis School of the Ministry of Culture).

She lived in the Netherlands, where he danced in major productions of the Amsterdam Opera House. At the same time, her yoga and pilates practices became even more systematic, as they were an integral part of her daily training.


"My love for movement and people, respect for our own body and the selfless offering and sharing of knowledge and more, was for me the best step to follow the path of Yoga and Pilates with the respective studies behind in GREECE".


She will be with us every day with the classes: Barre Workout, Pilates Mat, Reformer Pilates, Dynamic Stretching & Sunset Dynamic Flow Yoga.


Ariadni studied Childcare and was involved in this for several years, until

Yoga came into her life, to show her a completely different path, but at the same time so interesting!


Her love for children led her to various trainings with Yoga Alliance International & India. Since then she has been teaching children between the ages of 3 and 15, always guided by yoga, fun and challenge!


She continues to learn and develop every day, thus having real contact and harmony with her body and spirit.


"The goal of my classes, whether children or adults, is for them to discover their bodies and their potential, to stay connected to their inner child, but also to have fun in class."


He will be with us every Saturday in the three children's Yoga classes we planned this year for our little yogis!

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